Thank you for visiting Priority One Flower Shippers.

We exclusively serve the  wholesale  floral industry with fresh flowers year round, by  importing from  Australia, Peru, New Zealand, Holland, Chili , and supplying all California products.

Our Key products are : wax flower, calycina,  cymbidium standard and mini , peonies , Lilies oriental and aziatic, California greens, snapdragon, sunflowers , stock , larkspur and many more.

We pride ourselves in having wax flower ,natural and colored, year round available  from wherever it is produced in the world, to ship to you from either California or Florida.

In our Californian warehouse we can  pack 6,10,20 pack with a combination of import flowers as well as California greens, which is known as our “International box” with wax, calycina and greens.

To get more info about our company please contact one of our sales reps, they are looking forward to  helping you.

Sales Reps

Sharon Janssen
( corporate office)
Ph :951-303-9182

Michelle Lewis
Ph: 620-672-7565

Joe French
Ph: 831-464-9953

Natalee Keller

Kathleen Shagam

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